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Version history

Version history

v 3.0


  • Updated / explore page UI
  • Performance improvements
  • Impact Funds – donate to collections of charities to support broader causes
  • Personal Charity Fundraisers – giving the ability to anyone to launch a fundraiser on behalf of a charity
  • Updated Start Fundraiser workflow
  • Updated List Charity workflow
  • Updated mobile UI, all functionality on desktop now also available on mobile
  • Updated top navigation and menus
v 2.9.6


  • Launched embedded charity marketplace with Al Rahji Bank Malaysia’s new digital banking app RIZE
  • Launched embedded charity marketplace with leading muslim lifestyle app TheNoor
  • Removed requirement to create a password in checkout for new donors
  • Optimization to Partner Program registration workflow
v 2.9 – v


  • Mobile UI optimization to make Partner Program mobile site more user-friendly
  • Launched Breast Cancer Awareness Partner Program campaign highlight feature
  • Changed Partner Program link formatting to make links look more organic and direct referral links directly to checkout
  • Opened up Partner program to all countries and nationalities
  • Dynamic sitemap implementation to index post content to increase visibility for charities
  • Launched Partner Program Leaderboard
  • Updates to feed logic
  • Bug fixes in donor reports
  • Bug fixes to monthly recurring donation cancellation
v 2.8 – v


  • Recurring donations feature for verified charities.
  • Checkout overhaul
  • Donor pays feature – donors can now opt to absorb platform fees so that 100% of donations go to the beneficiary
  • Removed ability to refund donation
  • Removed requirement to have a project successfully funded before fund disbursement – moved to monthly disbursement schedule
  • Implementation of Page Tools tab for charity pages with manage donors, payment methods, and tax-exemption section
  • Tax-exemption status moved from fundraiser-level to organisation-level
  • Removal of various page types, only available page type is charity
  • Search for charities and fundraisers with tax-exemption
  • As a Partner, you can now promote recurring donations / subscription donations and generate recurring referral fees for donations you raise
v 2.7.2


  • Added ‘manage your fundraiser’ section in project dashboard
  • Ability to extend the duration of your fundraiser beyond 180 days (you can extend with 30 days twice)
  • Change your fundraiser target after you have received donations (you can change the fundraising amount once)
  • Added ‘Tools’ tab for charity pages with a ‘Start fundraiser’ shortcut
  • “Project” renamed to “Fundraiser”
  • “Page” renamed to “Organisation”
  • Automatically prompt “List organisation” modal after first-time login for charities to make getting started easier
v 2.7.1


  • Drip integration with Partner Program
  • Drip API for weekly performance overview for Partners
  • Google Tag Manager integration with Partner Program
  • Fine tuning of UI/UX of Partner Program
v 2.7


  • Launch of Partner Program on partner.theincitement.com
  • Enable partner promotion from your project dashboard to promote your fundraiser in Incitement’s network of influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, students, etc.
  • Transparency box added to fundraisers


  • New homepage
  • Phase 1 of site optimizations to fix load issues by reducing amount of API calls and code refactoring, page load speed <3 seconds
v 2.6.5


  • Integration of Stripe and removal of iPay88 payment gateway
  • Phase 1 of site optimizations to fix load issues by reducing amount of API calls and code restructuring
v 2.6.4


  • Earn Purpose Points for publishing content
  • Top navigation and search functionality optimizations
  • Dedicated landing page for corporate donors
  • Fixed display issue for successfully funded projects
  • Notification and email for replies to comments
  • Fixed cost duplication issue for projects
  • Project UI updates
  • PIKOM Flagship page implementation
  • Dynamic project boxes on homepage
  • Make posts indexable
  • Fixed issue with post functionality caused by too many individual API requests, switched to batch API
v 2.6.3


  • Donate and receive donations using Purpose Points
  • Checkout and donation box optimizations
  • Fixed display issue for images on the news feed
  • Optimized notification drop down load time
  • Extended maximum campaign duration to 180 days
  • Notification email to page followers for newly published content
  • Updated re-post layout
v 2.6.2


  • Referral rewards program integration with 8excite
  • Increase character limit for project handle
  • Project posts now show up in news feed
  • Issue tax-exemption receipts from project dashboard
  • Request tax-exemption receipts for your donation
  • Updated logic and UI for page and project recommendation boxes
v 2.6


  • Launch of WWF community platform
  • Increase character limit for page name
  • Increase character limit for sponsorship discussion request message
v 2.5.2


  • Project managers can direct message volunteers
  • Project managers can direct message donors
  • Notification and email for project 25%/50%/75% project fundraising progress
v 2.5


  • HSBC Flagship Page implementation
  • Increase the number of allowed tags in post to 20