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Incitement combines the best of two worlds and offers two types of donations; corporate donations and personal donations On this page you can read more about how to make the most of your fundraising efforts by leveraging Incitement’s corporate network of donors AND Incitement’s network of individual donors.

To raise donations on Incitement, first you must make sure to comply with the Project Creator Requirements and Pages & Projects Policies. We also strongly recommend you review the Project Listing Guidelines.

There are 2 types of donations on Incitement:

  1. Corporate donations
  2. Personal donations

As you create your project, you do not need to configure any settings to determine what type of contributions your project will be open to; your project will automatically be open to both corporate contributions and personal contributions.

However, there are a few things to take note of in terms of the logic of how these contributions are made. These are important to understand and will be explained in the sections below.

Personal contributions

Most of us are familiar with traditional crowdfunding platforms. On Incitement crowdfunding works the exact same way:

  • Anyone with a debit/credit card can make an individual cash donation from anywhere in the world.
  • The minimum donation amount is ‘1’ for all currencies.
    For example, if your project is raising funds in US Dollar, the minimum donation amount is USD $1. If your project is raising funds in Malaysian Ringgit, the minimum donation amount is RM 1. Cent values are not accepted.
  • The maximum donation amount depends on the donor’s bank. Incitement does not limit donation amounts.

In addition to this Incitement offers its users to donate their loyalty points to your projects.

  • Anyone who is an 8Excite member can donate any amount of their loyalty points.
  • These loyalty points will be converted into a cash donation to your project.

You can read more about how funding works here.

Corporate contributions

Corporate contributions are contributions made on behalf of an organisation as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or social investment effort.

  • To make a corporate contribution you must have created a page on Incitement. Any organisation can create a page.
  • Corporate contributions are always approved by the project creator. The platform contains features for project creators that streamline this workflow.
  • There is no minimum or maximum contribution amount for corporate contributions. Corporate contributions are always the full project funding amount or, if individual contributions have already been made, the remaining fundraising amount.
  • If an organisation wants to contribute a fixed amount that is lower than the full project funding amount, then the organisation should wait until individual contributions have been made to the project to lower the remaining project funding amount.
    For example, if a project listing is seeking USD $100 but the organisation can only contribute USD $50, then the organisation can contact the project creator and request for the project creator to contact the organisation once individual contributions have reached USD $50 so that the organisation can then contribute the remaining USD $50.

When will I received funds raised?

All donations are collected by Incitement and held in an escrow account. Once the project has completed its fundraising target, Incitement will disburse the funds to its account.

What happens when a project doesn’t hit its fundraising goal?

To promote transparency and ensure donations make a demonstrable impact, projects on Incitement must reach their fundraising targets in order to receive funds.

When you make a donation to a project, but that project doesn’t reach its fundraising target, you will be issued Purpose Points. You can easily use your Purpose Points to donate to another project. Incitement does not offer refunds.

You can read more about what happens when a project doesn’t meet its fundraising target here.


Regardless of whether you are receiving corporate or individual donations, Incitement charges a 10% success fee on donations. You can read more on Incitement’s platform fees here.



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