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What are the fees for HSBC Malaysia customers?

In an effort to support and promote sustainable business activities, HSBC Malaysia will absorb the payment gateway fees for HSBC Malaysia Credit Card customers. Refer to the steps below.

Fees for donors

To process payments, Incitement charges a payment processing fee to contributors making online donations.

  • If you make a donation to a charity raising funds in Malaysian Ringgit, a ≈1.9% payment processing fee applies for credit cards, and a 1.6% payment processing fee applies for debit cards.

For every donation made, these fees are applicable.

In other words, if you make a donation of RM100, you will be charged RM101.90.

However,  you are an HSBC Malaysia Credit Card and you meet all of the following three criteria below, HSBC Malaysia will absorb the payment processing fees.

HSBC Malaysia – Payment Processing Fee Waiver

  1. You first registered your account via, and;
  2. You have donated to an HSBC-supported charity, and;
  3. You have used your HSBC Malaysia Credit Card to donate

Payment Partners

We have appointed our technology partner Fusionex for the collection of online payments on our platform. We use Stripe as our payment gateway service provider for Malaysian projects



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