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How do I list my organisation or charity?

This article will show you how to list your organisation, charity, or project.

1. There are several starting points to listing your organisation:

i. On your home page, go to the ‘Your organisations’ section on the left, and click ‘List your organisation’.

ii. On the navigation bar on top, click ‘Create’, and then ‘Create a page’.

iii. On the navigation bar on top, click the profile icon on the right, then ‘Your organisations’, and then ‘List your organisation’.

2. A modal window will appear with a brief description of a page. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

3. Select the most suitable page type, and click ‘Next’.

4. Fill in the page information, and click ‘Next’.

5. Your organisation listing is now published and you will be directed to your page.

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