Partner Program

How do I enable partner promotion?

Verified charities on Incitement can enable the partner promotion feature.

Go here to verify your charity

What is Incitement’s “partner promotion” feature?

By enabling Incitement’s partner promotion feature, you give permission to Incitement’s partners to promote your charity in their networks, ecosystems, and audiences. This means that Incitement’s corporate partners can list your charity directly inside their own apps and websites, and engage their audiences to donate to your cause directly from within their own apps.

How to enable partner promotion

  1. To enable partner promotion for a charity page, navigate to your Page > Tools > Manage charity > Promote.
    To enable partner promotion for a fundraiser, navigate to your Fundraiser > Dashboard > Manage fundraiser > Promote.
  2. Toggle the switch to enable partner promotion
  3. Your charity or fundraiser will now be available for partner promotion




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