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How do I recruit volunteers for my project?

This article will show you how to recruit volunteers for your project. Please ensure that you are authorised to recruit volunteers for your project.

Users can only apply for volunteering roles that have been listed by the project. If you would like to edit, add, or delete your volunteering roles, you can read in this article how to edit your project’s volunteering roles.

1. On your project page ‘Dashboard’, go to the ‘Manage volunteers’ section and the ‘Applications’ tab. You will see a list of volunteer applicants along with the date and position.

2. Under ‘Actions’ on the left of every applicant, you can click on the accept icon in blue or the reject icon in red.

3. If you have rejected an applicant, the user will be removed from the ‘Applications’ list. If you have accepted an applicant, they will appear in the ‘Manage’ tab.

4. This information will also be updated in the ‘Volunteers needed’ section of your project page, and in the total count of volunteers and the ‘Volunteers who joined this project’ list in your ‘Volunteers’ tab.

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