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How Fair-for-all funding works

Through Incitement’s Fair-for-all funding model, we hope to have struck a healthy balance between empowering project creators and their charity projects while maintaining a safe and transparent donation environment for donors.

Anyone can list their organisation on Incitement and start a fundraiser. To build trust with donors we recommend to get verified. Verified organisations have a higher chance of raising donations successfully on Incitement. Verified organisations receive a green tick on their pages and projects.

Once you have published your fundraiser on Incitement, your project is automatically open for various funding types:

  • Individual donations
  • Corporate donations
  • Loyalty point donation

Your project will remain open for donations until you have reached 100% of your fundraising goal or until you have reached the campaign duration you set for your campaign. We recommend setting this duration to a minimum of 90 days.

Anyone with a credit- or debit card worldwide, anyone with internet banking in Malaysia, or anyone who has loyalty points with one of our partners can make a donation to your project.

What is Fair-for-all funding?

Some charity funding platforms employ an ‘all-or-nothing’ funding model. This means that project creators don’t get paid if they don’t meet the fundraising target, which can be a real bummer if you’ve put a lot of work into your fundraiser, only to end up empty-handed.

Some charity funding platforms employ ‘flexible funding’. This means that even if the fundraising target isn’t met, the project creator still gets paid, which can be an issue for transparency. After all, if a fundraiser doesn’t meet its target then how realistic is it they’ll be able to to deliver the project at all?

Neither of these models are suitable to create a fair donation environment, and to maintain the highest standards in terms of donation integrity and visibility into the impact of your donation. This is why the donor decides what happens with each of their donation.

Each time a donation is made, the donor explicitly decides what happens to their donation should the project not hit its target.

Either, the project creator gets to keep the donation, and his or her page will be credited with Purpose Points. The project creator can then hit the ground running with a new fundraisers by re-purposing these donations into a new project.

The second option is for the donor to receive a credit refund. The donor’s profile will be credited with Purpose Points, which the donor can then use to make another donation.

Campaign Duration

We recommend to allocate at least 90 days for your fundraiser.

Project creators can choose a campaign duration for their fundraiser anywhere 1 – 180 days.

Funding Types

Incitement offer multiple types of funding for project creators. We currently offers 4 different fundraising types; individual donations, corporate donations, loyalty point donations, and donation matching. On this page you can find out more about how each of these work.

Individual donations

All projects listed on Incitement are open to contributions from the crowd. The better you plan and execute your fundraising campaign, the higher the chances of successfully funding your project.

Loyalty Point Donations

Contributions on Incitement can be made using credit- and debit card, like on any other crowdfunding platform. But contributors can also choose to donate their loyalty points from selected partners, and convert them into a cash donation for your project.

Corporate donations / Grant-making

Incitement is used by many corporations looking to build a more sustainable brand through the use of CSR and other sustainability efforts. All projects listed on Incitement can be contacted directly interested brands. Make sure to post regular updates so that potential corporate sponsors can see your activity.

Donation Matching

Once your project has reached 50% of its fundraising goal from crowdfunding contributions, your project will become eligible for donation matching.

For a period of 60 days your project will be boosted in Incitement’s sponsor network and a corporate sponsor can match the total amount of contributions made to your project.

You can still receive crowdfunding contributions during this period as well.

The 60-day period for donation matching is added to your campaign duration. In other words, if you have set your campaign duration to 60 days, and on day 59 you hit 50% of your fundraising goal, your campaign duration is extended by an additional 60 days for donation matching – totaling your campaign duration to 119 days.

Grant Agreement

To ensure transparency to donors, Incitement may require a Grant Agreement to be signed by your organisation before disbursing any funds collected via the platform to ensure Grant Funds are spent as per the project listing.

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