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On Incitement you can earn, receive, and spend Purpose Points. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about Incitement’s Purpose Points.

Everything you need to know about Purpose Points

I received Purpose Points, now what?

You can use your Purpose Points to donate to any project on Incitement. Simply click explore to find a project you'd like to support , insert the donation amount and use the slider to indicate how many Purpose Points you'd like to use for your donation.

What are Purpose Points?

On Incitement, both individuals and corporate donors can use Purpose Points to make a donation to charity projects. These points represent cash. And just like cash, these points can be paid out to the project creator upon successfully funding a project.

When do I receive Purpose Points?

You receive Purpose Points when:

  1. You receive a credit refund for a project that didn't meet its fundraising target.When you make a donation to a project on Incitement, you can specify what happens to your donation in case the project fails to meet its target. You can choose to let the charity keep your donation. Or you can choose to receive a credit refund. If you select the credit refund option, you will receive Purpose Points credited to your account when the project fails to meet its target.
  2. You purchase a Purpose Points package.Organization looking to make monthly donations to one or multiple charities, can purchase Purpose Points. The points will be credited to your organization's account which you can use to make donations.
  3. You received Purpose Points as a reward for taking certain actions on the platform, for example for posting original content, inviting your network to the platform, sharing project links, etc.
Can I buy Purpose Points?

Yes, you can buy Purpose Points by emailing

Can I gift Purpose Points to someone else?

Yes, you can gift your Purpose Points to another person with an account on Incitement. You can email us at

Do Purpose Points have an expiry date?

Yes, individual Purpose Points have one (1) year validity and will expire after one (1) year. You should donate your Purpose Points before they expire.

You can login into your Incitement account and view your Purpose Points balance and their expiry date at any time.

You'll receive an email one week before your points are about to expire.

Purpose Points that are credited to a page (any charity or organisation) do not expire.

What happens to my Purpose Points once they're expired?

Should your Purpose Points expire, they are automatically donated to a charity project that is similar to the charity project that you originally donated to. For example: if you donated to a project in Malaysia in the poverty alleviation category, your Purpose Points will be donated to a project in the same country in the same category automatically upon expiry of your points.

Can I exchange my Purpose Points to cash?

Individual donors cannot cash out Purpose Points to cash. Incitement does not provide refunds of donations. Any Purpose Points you receive as a result of a project failing to meet its fundraising target, you must donate to another project within one (1) year.

If you receive Purpose Points credited to your Page because of a failed project, you must donate your Purpose Points to either another project of your own, or any other charity project.

If you have purchased Purpose Points as a package, you must donate these points to a charity on Incitement.

How do I donate using my Purpose Points?

Simply navigate to a project of your choosing on, click the 'Donate' button, insert the total amount you'd like to donate, and then use the slider to indicate how much of this amount you'd like to pay in Purpose Points.

My page received Purpose Points, what do I do?

If you own a charity page and your charity page has received Purpose Points, this means that a project you've created failed to meet its fundraising target and one or more donors specified that your charity page can keep the donation despite failing to reach its target. These Purpose Points will be automatically credited to your page when this happens.

You can now create another project and use your Purpose Points to donate to your own project.

Where can I check my Purpose Points balance?

Purpose Points for Individuals: Log in to your Incitement account at and navigate to your profile to view your points balance.

Purpose Points for Pages: Log in to your Incitement account at and you can view your points balance in the left side panel next to your page name.

What is the value of one Purpose Point?

Each Malaysian Ringgit is worth 100 (one hundred) Purpose Points. If you make a donation of RM 100, you will receive 10.000 Points if the project you donated to does not meet its fundraising target.

Can I give Purpose Points to my employees or customers?

Yes. Incitement provides unique corporate packages that enables organizations to engage staff, customers, followers, etc. to spend Purpose Points on behalf of your company. This is a perfect CSR marketing tool. Please contact us at for more information.

Can I cash out Purpose Points credited to my charity page?

If your charity receives Purpose Points credited to its page, you must donate these Purpose Points to your own project and ensure your project is successfully funded in order to receive funds from Incitement. You can only pay out your Purpose Points through a successfully funded project.

In an attempt to ensure transparency to donors, project creators are not allowed to set up projects solely for the purpose of cashing out their Purpose Points. We recommend project creators to ensure total donations raised for a project do not comprise more than 10% of its own Purpose Points.

Incitement validates all projects prior to disbursing funds and may withhold disbursement of funds at any time in case of plausible violations of our Terms of Use.


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