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How to become a corporate sponsor for a project?

Becoming a corporate sponsor on Incitement’s platform is easy and your organisation’s branding will be displayed on the project listing to generate awareness amongst platform users about your organisation’s generous efforts.

Becoming a corporate sponsor

There are a few steps to become a corporate sponsor. There are as follows:

1. Start a Sponsorship Discussion

  • Go to the project URL and click ‘Contribute’;
  • Select  ‘Corporate contribution’ and click ‘Next’;
  • Select your organisation’s Page, give your discussion a title, write a message, and click ‘Start discussion’;
    • In this message you can request for changes in the project listing, if you so choose to;
  • This will start a conversation between the charity of your selected project and the Page Administrator of your organisation. A chat window will pop up to show you your message has been sent;
  • You can go to your Page Inbox to find the conversation;
  • Once you have finished discussing the project scope, click ‘Checkout’;
  • You will be taken through the payment process.

2. Receive a project proposal

  • If your organisation has specific requirements, detail these requirements in your message to the charity;
  • The charity can submit a custom sponsorship proposal via the platform to you;
  • You will be notified via email should this happen.

3. Make payment & checkout

  • Once you have clicked ‘Checkout’  you will be taken through the payment process;
  • If you have no requests for the charity, you can click ‘Checkout’ immediately after you have started your sponsorship discussion;
  • Follow the checkout steps;
  • You will be provided with Incitement’s bank details;
  • Transfer the corporate contribution amount to Incitement;
  • Upload your proof of payment during the checkout steps;
  • This proof of payment will be shared with the charity to verify the payment;
  • Only after you have submitted proof of payment will the charity be able to accept you as a sponsor;
  • If you don’t have the proof of payment just yet, simply click ‘Upload later’, your payment steps will be saved and you can easily return to this by go to the Payments Tab on your organisation’s page.

4. Accepted as a sponsor

  • Once your payment is approved by Incitement and verified by the charity, you will be notified via email;
  • Your organisation’s branding will be added to the project listing;
  • You will get access to the Project Dashboard so you can easily collaborate with the charity;
  • Platform users will be notified of your contribution.

All successfully funded projects are subject to a platform fee. Learn more about Incitement Fees here.


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