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How to raise money for charities

Anyone can start a fundraiser for a charity on Incitement. Only charity organisations can list their charity.

How to raise money for the causes you care about

There are four main ways to raise money using Incitement’s charitable giving tools:

  1. Charities can collect donations both through their Charity Page as well as by starting a Fundraiser.
  2. Supporters drive awareness and collect donations on a charity’s behalf by starting a Fundraiserfor a cause of their choice.
  3. Partners (KOLs, influencers, content creators, etc) can generate affiliate links for eligible charities and earn commission for referring donations.
  4. Companies can leverage their own apps/websites to collect in-app donations for verified charities by leveraging Incitement embedded donations platform. Contacts us to learn more.

Tools for charities to collect donations

Charities can collect donations on Incitement using a range of tools. Donations are processed and disbursed monthly to the charity and subject to services fees.

  • Fundraisers on Incitement are public. Anyone on and off Incitement can see them and donate.
  • Only charities and people on Incitement can start a Fundraiser.
  • Only people on Incitement can create a Charity Page.
  • Only verified charities are able to collect donations from their Charity Page. Unverified Charity Pages must start a Fundraiser to collect donations.
  • Collect donations from you Charity Page on Incitement
  • Place a donation widget or button your website
  • Raise awareness and money by starting a Fundraiser
  • Collect one-off or monthly recurring donations
  • Let supporters raise donations on your behalf
  • Build your community and engage donors
  • Enable partner promotion to get featured in Incitement’s network of partners

Tools for supports to collect donations on a charity’s behalf

If there’s a cause or charity you’re passionate about, tap into your network and following to help spread the message and make a difference. Your fans and connections care about you, and are interested in what you care about. Using these tools, you can collect donations for eligible charities.

Additional fundraising features for charities and supporters

Now that you’ve learned how charities can create official fundraising Pages and the different ways supporters can raise money on behalf of a charity, here are some more features you can use to take your fundraising to the next level.

  • Thank donors to your Fundraiser and connect with them
  • Each Fundraiser has a unique URL that can be used anywhere: in email marketing, social media your website or other channels.
  • Post content, earn Purpose Points, and donate your points to charity
  • Comprehensive donor management and reporting features.
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