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How do I issue tax-exemption receipts to donors?

Project creators should only issue tax-exemption receipts if they are a registered NGO under sub-section 44 (6) of Income Tax Act 1967 and therefore eligible as per relevant authorities. Please take note of Incitement’s Term of Use, section 4.1 Tax Exemption to understand your rights with regards to issuing tax-exemption receipts to donors.

How to issue tax-receipts

Is your organisation registered with the relevant authorities as tax-exempt? Then you can use Incitement to easily issue tax-exemption receipts to your donors. This articles summarizes how this works.

1. Enable tax-receipts

  • Create your project (read how to create a project here)
  • In Step 3 ‘Funds’, toggle the tax-exemption receipt button
  • This will enable donors to let you know that they’d like to receive a tax-exemption receipt for their donation
  • The donor will be required to provide their IC/Passport number and full address

how to enable tax exemption receipts

2. Download donor list

  • Go to your Project Dashboard > Contributors
  • Click Manage Contributors > Download donor lists
  • Download the list of donors that requested a tax-exemption receipt

3. Issue tax-receipts

  • Create the hard copy tax-receipt as per the regulatory requirements
  • Scan or take a photocopy of the receipt and store it to your computer
  • Go to your Project Dashboard > Contributors
  • Click Manage Contributors > Issue tax-exemption receipts
  • Drag the tax-exemption receipt to the respective drag & drop box (you can upload multiple receipts at once)
  • Once you have uploaded the receipts, click ‘Issue Receipts’ and confirm your action
  • Your donor will be sent an email with a link to download their tax-exemption receipt
  • You can also click the Message icon next to each donor’s name to get in touch with them if you require additional information
  • You should issue the tax-exemption receipt to the donor within sixty (60) days of donation.

how to issue tax exemption receipts to your donors

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