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Partner Program: How it works

How Incitement’s Partner Program works

A partner can promote verified charities in their network using unique tracking URLs. Each time someone donates to the charity via this unique URL, the partner is rewarded with a 10% referral fee over the donation amount. This referral fee is deducted from the total donations raised before they are disbursed to the charity.

Incitement’s Partner Program is an out-of-the box solution that is easy to use and incredibly powerful to generate donation revenue from untapped donor networks.

Browser scheme

Partners earn up to 10% referral fee on every successful donation they drive to Incitement.

partner program workflow

Attribution model, cookies, and tracking

Referred donations are tracked based on last-click attribution model. This means that the last partner URL clicked by the donor before making the donation is the partner URL that is awarded the successful donation - and therefore, the referral fee.

For example: John shares his partner URL with Jane. Jane clicks the link (and is cookied with John's referral code), but Jane does not donate. After this Julie shares her partner URL with Jane as well. Jane clicks Julie’s link (and is cookied with Julie's referral code, overriding John's cookie), and Jane makes a donation. Based on last-click attribution the successful donation is attributed to Julie. Julie gets a referral fee. John does not.

It is therefore important to share partner URLs regularly.
Once a partner refers a donation successfully, the cookie validity on the donor's device is set to 90 days. If this same donor makes another donation within the 90-day validity of the cookie, the same partner is awarded a referral fee.

For example: John shares his partner URL with Jane. Jane clicks the link. A cookie is placed on Jane's device with a validity of 30 days. Jane makes a donation and the cookie validity is extended to 90 days. For each subsequent donation Jane makes, the cookie is reset back to 90 days.

This is the Preferred Partner Attribution, generating rewards for partners as long as possible. .
A cookie is dropped on the user’s browser when a partner URL is clicked to track the transaction back to the partner. The expiry date of this cookie is 30 days.

Even if the donor doesn't immediately donate after clicking on a unique partner URL, the partner will still earn referral fee if the donor makes a donation within 30 days and last-click attribution applies.

Whenever a donation is made, the cookie validity is extended to 90 days, activating preferred partner attribution.

In summary:
Trigger Action Validity
Donor clicks partner links Cookie placed 30 days
Donor makes 1st donation Cookie validity extended 90 days
Each subsequent donations Cookie validity renewed 90 days
Keep in mind that some browsers do not allow cookie placement, and that in some cases cookies cannot be placed or renewed. This depends on the user's browser settings. For example, if the user is browsing in a private browsing window or if the user clears the browser cache, this will erase any cookies placed and impair Incitement's ability to attribute donations to the partner.
Partners can append their unique referral code to ANY Incitement link.

You can append your unique referral code to a URL that links directly to a fundraiser, but you can also append your unique referral code to Incitement's home page (or any other Incitement URL for that matter). In both cases, partners will earn referral fees for donations made to ANY eligible fundraisers.

In all of the examples below, the referral code is correctly appended:
Correct appending examples
Always make sure to test your partner links to avoid any bugs or malfunction.
Attribution relies on cookies being placed on the user's browser. Cross-device tracking is currently not possible.

For example: if a donor clicks your partner link on a mobile device, does not donate, and after that visits Incitement's website directly on her desktop without clicking your partner link on this device as well, the donor will not be recognized cross-device and you will not receive any attribution.
In your Partner Performance Dashboard you will be able to see how well your links and campaigns are performing in terms of sessions and page views.

A session is the period of time a user is active on Incitement. By default, if a user is inactive for 30 minutes or more, any future activity is attributed to a new session. Users that leave the site and return within 30 minutes are counted as part of the original session.

A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Pageviews is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed.

Your donation conversion rate is calculated over the amount of Sessions.

Eligibility, activation, and promotion

How it works for partners

Am I eligible to become a partner?

You are eligible to become a partner if:

  1. You are a Malaysian resident and are able to demonstrate a government-issue ID
  2. You have a valid bank account in Malaysia
The Partner Program is only available for Malaysian-registered organisations. More countries coming very soon.

Becoming a partner

Registration is easy & free. Start earning with us now! Click here to register. Your account is activated right away, and you can start promoting your favorite causes immediately. You will be required to create an Incitement account to become a partner.

KYC verification

Partners must be able to verify their identity using a legally valid government-issued passport or ID, and a valid bank account. This KYC process is done via this link. This KYC must be completed by the partner before any referral fees can be paid out.


Partners can easily generate their unique URLs from the partner dashboard and embed their URL into banners, hyperlinks, videos, etc. Partners can choose from 3 types of embed widgets which can be installed on their website, blog, or app. Partners can also choose to share their unique URLs directly to social media from within the partner dashboard.

partner embed widget

Real-time performance insights

Partners can access data and reporting about link clicks, donations, conversion rates, and more from the partner dashboard.

partner performance overview

How it works for project creators

Most important to understand is that, when your fundraiser is promoted in the partner network, each donation raised is subject to a total of 20% fees + payment gateway fees. Incitement's usual platform fees are 10% over successfully raised donations via the platform, and the referral fees to reimburse Incitement partners for their efforts to raise successful donations are also 10%. Incitement deducts platform fees + partner referral fees before disbursing funds to project creators, and pays out partner referral fee accruals on a quarterly basis to relevant partners.

This means that your charity could earn 80% more donation revenue at just a 10% additional cost paid to promoting partners for successful donation (if partners promote your charity without raising any donations, you don't pay anything).

Is your fundraiser eligible?

Your fundraiser is eligible to be promoted in the partner network if:

  1. Your organisation is verified by Incitement.
  2. Your organisation is registered in Malaysia.
The Partner Program is only available for Malaysian-registered organisations. More countries coming very soon.

Enabling the partner program for your fundraiser

Project creators that meet the above 2 requirements can enable the partner program from their project dashboard. Simply create a fundraiser, go to your project dashboard, and toggle the partner program button.

enabling partner program from project dashboard

Disabling the partner program for your fundraiser

Once partner promotion is enabled for your fundraiser, you cannot disable it. Please contact for assistance.


We advise project creators to exclude partner referral fees when issuing tax-receipts to ensure regulatory compliance. By participating in the partner program, the project creator indemnifies and holds harmless Incitement for any damage or claims resulting out of erroneous issuing of tax-receipts as set out in clause 4 of the Partner Program Terms & Conditions.

Performance insights

Project creators can access data and reporting about link clicks, donations, conversion rates, and more from the project dashboard.

How it works for donors

Most importantly, understand that most charities have a hard time raising donations for their cause. Paid advertising is expensive and more traditional methods of fundraising alike. For large international NGOs (iNGOs), as little as 2% of donations typically end up with the beneficiary - the rest of your donation evaporates in overhead, fundraising, and operations.

Charities that participate in Incitement's partner network give up a nominal fee of 10% over donation raised to reward the partner that helped raise that donation. This allows charities to step into the digital arena of fundraising, tap into new networks of donors and raised more donations, but without the expensive costs of advertising (not to mention the effort and expertise required to do this successfully).

Yes, the 10% fee comes out of your donation. But rest assured that this is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways a charity can promote itself. It effectively allows a charity to recruit an army of supporters to help them with their fundraising - something most charities would have to reach deep into their pockets for if this was full-time fundraising staff.

Additionally, the 10% fee is only paid for successful donations. This means there is no risk to the charity, only reward. The charity has no upfront costs to conduct the fundraising, and only pays when the fundraising efforts by the partner was successful.

What about transparency?

Every fundraiser has a transparency section. You will be able to see which fundraiser is participating in the partner program, and which ones aren't. If you'd rather not donate to a fundraiser that is promoted in the partner network, you can simply select another charity from the explore page.

transparency box

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All participants of the Partner Program will be deemed to have read, understood and expressly agreed to be bound by the Partner Program Terms & Conditions

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