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Partner Program: Overview

An overview of Incitement’s Partner Program

Incitement’s Partner Program enables project creators (charities) to generate additional donation revenue by engaging Incitement’s network of influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc. and provide them with a 10% referral fee if they successfully raise donations for their charity.

A ‘project creator’ is a registered charity organisation that has been verified by Incitement and has created a fundraiser to collect donations from the general public.

A ‘partner’ is anyone with a website, blog, app, a social media following, etc. and is looking for ways to monetize their visitors, readers, members, etc. Partners can generate a unique tracking links to promote these fundraisers in their networks, and earn a referral fee if they successfully raise donations for the fundraiser they promoted.

This way, project creators can tap into networks of donors they otherwise wouldn’t have access to in an easy and affordable way. And partners can earn extra income by monetizing their visitors, subscribers, followers, etc.

The Partner Program is currently only available in Malaysia. More countries coming soon.

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Why join Incitement’s Partner Program?

  • First-of-its-kind affiliate program in the charity/humanitarian sector
  • Highest referral fee in the industry up to 10%
  • Easy registration and instant activation
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Best conversions on 100s of available fundraisers
  • Free and advanced marketing tools>
  • Professional and quick support
  • Support charities you care about
  • Engage your audience with social impact
  • Monetize traffic in a meaningful way
  • And much, MUCH more…

The Partner Program in 3 simple steps

1. Place links, banners, and widgets 2. Send traffic to Incitement 3. Earn 10% referral fee

Tap into brand new networks of donors

Welcome to Incitement's Partner Program - a unique affiliate marketing programs for charities. The Incitement Partner Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With thousands of charities and fundraisers available on Incitement, partners use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to fundraisers on Incitement, and earn from qualifying donations.

Join 1000s of creators, publishers and bloggers who are earning with the Incitement Partner Program. Associates Program.

Share the causes you care about most with your audience. Incitement offers easy-to-use linking tools for large publishers, individual bloggers and social media influencers.

Earn up to 10% in partner referral fees from qualifying donations. Our conversion rates are above industry average to help maximize earnings.
Incitement is the first online affiliate program of its kind - specifically designed to help charities generate more donation revenue.

If you are a charity, NGO, non-profit, or otherwise social organisation, you can participate in the partner program and tap into the networks of Incitement's partners to raise awareness for your cause and generate donations.

Partners drive internet traffic to Incitement through specifically formatted links that allow us to track donations and other activity.

Partners earn 10% in referral fees on all qualifying Incitement donation initiated through the links. This referral fee is paid from the donation amount.

Incitement sends quarterly payments to partners on your behalf, which is deducted from the amount before it is disbursed to you.

Once you join the program, your fundraisers will be available for partners to promote.

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All participants of the Partner Program will be deemed to have read, understood and expressly agreed to be bound by the Partner Program Terms & Conditions

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