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Partner Program: Referral Fees

About the referral fees

The Partner Program applies a revenue-sharing model with a 10% referral fee from each successful donation generated by the partner. I.e. if a partner successfully raises a donation for a charity, the charity will receive 90% of that donation, and the partner 10% to reimburse them for their effort of marketing your cause to their audience.

Payment flow

For each transaction or donation originating from your unique partner URL, partners receive a 10% referral fee. Every transaction requires 15 to 30 days of validation. The minimum amount for payout to partners is RM 100 (amounts below RM 100 will not be paid out). The project creator does not have to worry about paying out to partners, Incitement does this on their behalf. Partners must complete the KYC before they can receive their earnings.

when referral fees are paid

Understanding the Referral Fee

How referral fees work for partners

When does a partner earn a referral fee?

A partner earns a referral fee each time they refer a donation via their unique partner URL qualifying within the last-click and preferred partner attribution model.

How much referral fee do partners earn?

Partners earn a fixed 10% referral fee over successful donations.

How and when are referral fees paid out to partners?

You can view your earned referral fees and the next payment date in your partner dashboard. Accrued referral fees are paid out quarterly only if the amount is more than RM 100.

Fees for partners over referral fees earned

Incitement imposes a processing- and administration fee each time earned referral fees are paid out to the partner. These fees range from 3% to 6% and vary depending on the transfer method, bank fees, country, etc.

KYC requirements

Partners must have verified their identity using a legally valid government-issued passport or ID, and a valid bank account statement via this link. This KYC must be completed by the partner before any referral fees can be paid out.

Who pays my referral fee?

The project creator (charity) pays your referral fee. Project creators have authorized Incitement to pay out the referral fees on their behalf, hence partners receive referral fees earned from Incitement Sdn. Bhd.

How referral fees work for project creators

How much referral fee do partners earn?

Partners earn a fixed 10% referral fee over successful donations. This is deducted from the donation amount before it is disbursed to the project creator.

Project creators (not Incitement) pay the referral fees. Incitement simply handles the tracking- and payout mechanism for partners to ease the burden on the project creators.

Referral fees are additional to the usual platform- and payment gateway fees. I.e. if you receive a donation for your fundraiser that is referred by a partner, you will pay 10% referral fee to the partner, 10% platform fees to Incitement, and any payment gateway fees imposed by our payment partner Stripe unless the payment gateway fees are covered by the donor.

How does the project creators pay the referral fee to the partner?

Project creators simply have to enable the partner program from their project dashboard, and we'll do the rest. When they do, they agree to authorize Incitement to pay out referral fees on their behalf.

Do project creators need to supply advertising material?

Though Incitement provides partners with easy-to-use embed widgets and creatives, as a project creator you'll want to make sure that partners promoting your fundraiser always have sufficient material to do so. You can do so by posting regular updates on your fundraiser including photos, videos, etc.

We recommend posting at least one (1) update on your fundraiser every day. This way, partners can visit your fundraiser and take any copy, images, and other creatives and marketing collateral directly from you yourself.

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All participants of the Partner Program will be deemed to have read, understood and expressly agreed to be bound by the Partner Program Terms & Conditions

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