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Project Listing Guide

Projects that do not comply with Incitement’s Pages & Projects Policy, Community Standards, and Terms of Use will be removed and may be permanently deleted.

Incitement’s Project Listing Guidelines

To use the Incitement platform to raise funding, recruit volunteers, manage projects, or publish impact reports for your cause, you are required to create a well-defined project. The project listing guidelines below are intended to give you an idea of what your project listing should include, and make your project appeal to potential donors.

To be successful on Incitement it’s important to provide sufficient details and project information to appeal to potential donors and/or volunteers. Please read the project guidelines below to increase your fundraising success:

General project details

Treat the creation of a project as a grant proposal. Sponsors like to work with causes that are organized, well-structured, and clear in what they want. Make sure you convey this as clearly and concisely as possible.

Project name

Come up with a name for your project that both reflect the purpose of the project, and is easily searchable for platform users. You want to make sure that your project conveys what the project is about and appeals to a specific sponsor type.

Project summary

Create a brief summary for your project. This project description is the first impression sponsors have of your project, make it count. Describe what is at the core of your project, e.g. the beneficiary group, why this project is needed, and what your solution is.

Don’t use all caps, don’t use exclamation marks, and avoid typos.

Project story

This is the heart of your project. This is where you go into detail about your project. Describe your organisation, the history of your organisation, and why you are qualified to help. Explain the project in clear language, with proper punctualization, use of spacing, etc. Design matters.

Make sure to include all of the below items into your project story. The more detailed you can get, the higher the chances of attracting a sponsor, and the harder the Incitement team will work for you to promote your project in its network of sponsors.

TIP: Encourage sponsor to send you a message to start a conversation with them directly. 

  • Background
    Describe your organisation and its background in brief to establish credibility to your sponsor, and why your organisation fits the bill to solve this problem.
  • Problem
    What problem are you solving? And why does this problem need solving?
  • Objectives
    What is your project trying to achieve and how? Why is your solution effective to the problem you are trying to solve, and why should your sponsor care? Why does your solution work better than someone else’s?
  • Beneficiaries
    Describe the beneficiary of this project in details. Who or what is the beneficiary for your project? How many? What are their demographics? Why are you targeting this group of beneficiaries?
  • Timelines
    Set a project start- and end date. Give a clear indication to the reader when you project will be executed and justify the timeline if needed. Explain what happens if there are delays, and how you will solve those.
  • Project deliverables
    Describe in detail the key deliverables of the project. What are the key milestones? How will you achieve those milestones? What happens if you don’t? Do you rely on 3rd party partners to achieve your deliverables? What involvement is needed from your sponsor in this?
  • Impact measurement & KPIs
    What impact will your project have on its beneficiaries and stakeholders? How will you measure this impact? What methodology do you use to measure impact? Do you have any sample you can upload as a reference? What happens when you don’t meet your targets? When will you publish the impact report? What is the long-term, sustainable impact you are creating? How will your project maintain continuity after the funding has been used?
  • Risks
    Are there any risks to your project? What do you do to mitigate those risks?

Project location

Set the location for your project and provide any additional description with regards to specific locations if needed.

Project category

Incitement supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Select which SDGs your projects contributes to.

Project photos & videos

Attach photos and videos to your project story. Keep in mind that sponsors love a good visual to be used in their branding and marketing efforts. Make sure that your project is visually appealing by uploading photos and videos that add to the story of the project.

Volunteer requirements

Project that do not comply with Incitement’s Volunteer Policy will be removed and may be permanently deleted.

Volunteering story

You’ll want to attract committed and passionate volunteers into your project. Explain carefully what the overall contribution of your team of volunteers will be to the project. Why is their role crucial? Why should they volunteer with you over the many other projects they could be volunteering for? Why should they care about the issue you’re trying to solve? Does your organisation offer any benefits to its project volunteers?

TIP: Include photos and videos to make your project stand our visually.

Volunteering roles

Specifiy each volunteering role in detail. Explain carefully their involvement, the required commitment in hours, what their role will be, and what skills they will learn while they volunteer with you.

You can add as many volunteering roles as you need, but keep in mind to provide enough information for potential volunteers. Better role descriptions result in better and more volunteers.

TIP: Encourage volunteers to send you a message to start a conversation with them directly. 


List down every single expense you will incur in your project in detail. If you are delivering grocery bags to marginalised communities, don’t list just the amount of bags you will deliver with a price per bag, but break down each items that goes into the bag and its cost. If your project is building homes for indigenous people, breakdown the materials, operational expenses, transportation, etc. in as much detail as possible.

We cannot stress enough how important this is. You are requesting for a corporation to sponsor a project and potentially transfer you a large sum of money. You must ensure significant detail and diligence goes into your funds breakdown.

Sponsor rewards

Most corporate sponsors participate in corporate social responsibility initiatives such as yours because they believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s a great way to give back to society and/or the environment. At the same time we must acknowledge that businesses are profit-oriented organisations. Regardless of the nature of the investment, it’s always an added benefit to have awareness and exposure around it to elevate their brand.

In this section think carefully about what your organisation can offer as a reward for the sponsor. Can you arrange for a press release? Social media mentions? Buntings on your project location? Can your volunteers wear branded t-shirts? Product placement?

If you have any questions about Incitement’s Project Listing Guidelines, please feel free to reach out to us by sending us a message via Incitement’s page here

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