Donor questions

What are the fees?

Incitement’s imposes a 10% fee on donations raised excluding payment gateway fees.

Fees for charities

Incitement will subtract 10% fees before transmitting donations raised to the beneficiary. We’ll charge our fees before putting funds into your account.

In other words, if your charity solicits $100, you will receive $90, unless the donor uses ‘Donor Pays’ (see below).

If Incitement refers a corporate donor to your charity or fundraiser, you agree to pay a 10% success fee to Incitement.

Fees for donors

Incitement uses Stripe to process payments. As such, each donation is subject to Stripe’s payment processing fee of ≈1.8% + a RM1 flat fee.

  • If you make a donation to a charity raising funds in Malaysian Ringgit, a ≈1.8% payment processing fee applies for credit cards, and a 1.6% payment processing fee applies for debit cards.
  • For donations made to charities raising funds in other currencies, a 3-5% payment processing fee + RM 1 applies for credit cards and debit cards.

For every donation made, these fees are added to your donation.

In other words, if you make a donation of $100, you will be charged ≈$101,80.

Donor pays

As a donor, you can opt to cover Incitement’s fees on behalf of the charity to ensure the charity receives 100% of your donation. A donor can tick the ‘Donor Pays’ checkbox in the checkout. If this checkbox is ticked, Incitement’s fee will be added to your donation.

In other words, if you make a donation of $100 and you enable Donor Pays, Incitement’s 10% fee will be added to your donation and you will be charged ≈$111,80.

Payment Partners

We have appointed our technology partner Fusionex for the collection of online payments on our platform.


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