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What are the fees?

As a project creator, a success fee is deducted from the total amount raised for your project only when you successfully meet your fundraising goal. As a contributor making an online donation, a payment gateway processing fee is added on top of your donation.

Incitement offers 4 different types of fundraising types; crowdfunding, corporate sponsorship, loyalty point donations, and donation matching.

On top of that, we offer tools for donor management, volunteer recruitment and management, impact reporting, community building, marketing campaigns, big data analytics, project management, and more.

Though we offer a suite of tools that goes far beyond what other fundraising platforms offer, we maintain an industry-standard fee.

Fees for Project Creators

Incitement will subtract 10% fees before transmitting the proceeds of a fundraiser to the project creator.

We’ll charge our fees before putting funds into your account. You may include this fee into your funds breakdown calculation to incorporate this into your budget better.

In other words, if your project solicits $100, upon successful funding you will receive $90. We strongly recommend you anticipate this fee in your project proposal.

If Incitement is referring a corporate donor to your organisation, you agree to pay the 10% success fee to Incitement.

Fees for Contributors

To process payments Incitement charges a payment processing fee to contributors making online donations.

  • If you make a donation to a project raising funds in Malaysian Ringgit, a ≈1.9% payment processing fee applies for credit cards, and a 1.6% payment processing fee applies for debit cards.
  • For donations made to projects raising funds in other currencies, a 3-5% payment processing fee + RM 1 applies for credit cards and debit cards.

For every donation made, these fees are added to your donation.

In other words, if you make a donation of $100, you will be charged ≈$101,90.

Payment Partners

We have appointed our technology partner Fusionex for the collection of online payments on our platform.

We use iPay88 as our payment gateway service provider for Malaysian projects


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